HDB & HUDC Painting Prices


HDB Painting Package

We provide standard painting packages as well as customized ones. Depending on the condition of your homes, our painting packages include primer base paint +  finishing paint of your choice of colours + paint for ceiling

Our services include:

  • Preparatory works such as touching up/ plastering of tiny cracks & marks and sanding down (when necessary)
  • Shifting of mobile furniture away from walls and restoring them back into positions when paint has dried
  • Carrying out of furniture & floor protection works
  • Painting of all internal walls of all rooms including bathrooms, kitchen, store & balcony, and ceilings.
  • Plastering of walls & ceilings + painting services

Customised Painting Services

For customized painting services such as partial painting (only certain rooms), please contact us and provide us your requirements and we will have your quotation tailor-made accordingly.

Please read: Prices quoted over the phone or email are estimated for indicative purpose. An on-site viewing is necessary to ascertain a quotation for the job. Prices may vary from indications due to paint types, paint qualities, site intricacies, logistical considerations, any other additional requirements, etc.

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